June… the best month so far!

June has been a month of two halves. The first two weeks the low pressure rolled in and we saw some big winds, and even bigger waves. The first week we had some mega winds and the biggest gusts were recorded over 50knts! The winds lasted all week long and by the end of first low pressure there were a lot of big smiles and aching bodies.

On the second Friday the swell arrived and delivered a 15sec wave period for the surfers. The water temps were at about 17 degrees at this point and there were a number of people surfing without wetsuits. The following day the wind arrived and by the afternoon there were a lot of windsurfers on the water doing some big jumps off the waves. The whole shoreline was painted in bright colours from the huge number of kites and windsurf sails. By Sunday the waves had reached their peak and were rolling in with a 20sec wave period and the beach was busier with more kitesurfers and windsurfers than we have seen in a long time. The sun was shining the whole weekend and below are great photos Simon took from at the beach and on his GoPro.

The second half of the month we have had a big high pressure sitting overhead and the beach has been a somewhat different place to be. Beach go-ers have flocked to the area in their thousands, and we have been very busy hiring SUPs and running rippers courses. The sea temperates has now reached a toastie 19.8degrees (well over average for this time of the year), and the smell of BBQs has been wafting up to the Windsurf club from as early as 9am each day.

Next week… Will it be the weather for beach days or board games? Our local weather forecaster #maxmet thinks there might be some sea breezes coming our way…

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