Paua 2XS Wing Foiling Travel Bags

We have been working with Paua over the last couple of years to develop a wing bag for 2XS, allowing you to transport your gear with ease through an airport and arrive without your wing board being smashed on arrival. The material, developed by a local guy and surfer named Pete Symms, is a patented technology that can withstand big hits while absorbing shock and impact, leaving your board without holes. It may seem pretty simple, but the new material is more rigid than regular board bag foam, so every aspect of manufacture and design has had to be rethought and tested.

Paua’s main market is surfboard bags, so we were pretty grateful when Charles, Emma, and Max took on the project and kept building prototypes while adjusting the design. Some of the biggest names in surfing have been seen using Paua bags.

We are nearly at the final version of the bag, which features a double zipper for easy flat packing, new internal load straps, internal mast and foil mounting positions, a revised zip, external load straps, new wheels, adjustable nose and tail pads, reinforced handles, and new internal pockets.

With just under 60,000 kilometers of air travel to many different airports, travelators, baggage handlers, taxis, and back of trucks, my board is still undamaged thanks to Paua’s new material, which, by the way, is 100% recyclable. If you want to be on the list when the new bags arrive, please email

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