The Kitesurfing Session At West Wittering

Kitesurfing at 2XS West Wittering was one of those perfect weekends in July with warm water, flat sections at low and mid tide, and waves at high tide – pretty much all you need. The sandbars have created new lagoons directly in front of the 2XS club. From low to mid tide and mid to high tide, you have sections that are super fast, flat, and perfect for boosting big air or hard charging.

Barry was out from before high tide to nearly low water, picking the best times for some wave action, getting some massive airs, and blasting in the flat water. Kev, Tony, and others had one of the best sessions of the year…

If you know the spots, the new lagoons that have formed this season are pure gold for fast flat water sections. One now curves out to sea, allowing you to go full throttle from flat to waves in one short run.

There seems to be a new wave spot that is working much further out towards the wreck at West Wittering, producing clean waves with more spacing about an hour before and after high tide. It requires a bit of a kite out, but it’s worth it as you pretty much have this place to yourself.

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