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Axis ART Pro Carbon Front Wing

Axis ART Pro Carbon Front Wing


If you’re a downwinder looking for that missing gear between the PNG1300 and the HPS1050, this is your wing.
If you’re a light-wind winger or heavier rider looking for a high-performance wing this is the wing for you.
If you’re a prone surfer wanting to link more waves in smaller conditions, this is the wing for you.

Included is an AXIS padded cover with zipper, in heather gray, and AXIS branding, for safer setup, transportation and storage.

*If you purchase a Black Series front wing it will only fit on a Black Series fuselage as the bolt pattern is spaced differently and the fuselage is thinner to accommodate the high aspect wings.

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Axis ART Pro Carbon Front Wing

The new ART Pro range from Axis is a development from the ART high aspect wings and have a new extended elliptical outline, a straight median line for better control and narrower chord for lower overall drag.  

The ART PRO have less overall turn down in the tips and the smaller wings have lower drag foil sections.  

The ART PRO foils work with the Black Advance fuselage system and match with the Progressive rear wing range or for more performance the Skinny rear wings.  

These wings are suitable for winging, surf foiling, SUP/surf foiling, surf foiling and pump foiling

The reason AXIS have so many options is that you can really tune your performance with the correct front wing fuselage and tail wing. Send a email or call on 01243 512552 and ask Simon our Axis guru to find out more.

Wingspan mmChord mmMean Average Chord mmActual Area cm2Projected Area cm2Volume cm3Aspect Ratio


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1401 (1647 sqcm), 1201 (1318 sqcm), 1121 (1088 sqcm), 1051 (932 sqcm), 1001 (845 sqcm), 951 (768 sqcm)


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