Review : : Ezzy cheetah 7m 2018

Tested by Sandy Clunas

Today I tried the ezzy cheetah 7.0 for the first time. It was around 14-15 knots in the West Wittering lagoon so I didn’t have high hopes for the session but I was pleasantly surprised!


The sail is everything you could want out of a free ride sail, as soon as I sheeted in and leaned back I felt myself gently accelerating up onto the plane smoothly. In the gusts the power twisted off at the top perfectly keeping me completely in control. In the lulls all it took was a couple of pumps and I flew straight through them still locked in. At 93kg I’m not the lightest windsurfer so I was super happy that a sail this size got me up and going in these conditions.

I had it set for lightwind sailing which did worry me to start with as the sail looked very baggy walking down however as soon as I got going it really settled down and locked in. Its definitely one of the most stable sails I’ve used.

To top all this off going round the corners felt effortless. It really accelerates as soon as you go downwind and the sail went super light in my hands as soon as I laid it down into the gybe, the power then transferred beautifully onto the other side as the battens popped round the mast and I found myself still planning!

If you’re looking for a stable, forgiving yet high performance freeride sail then look no further than this. I couldn’t believe the wind range, I imagine with a bit of tuning I would still be comfortable sailing in 25 knots on it! If you want to test one we have these at 2XS® so please give us a call to arrange a test ride .

You can check out the full sail spec here:

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