Summer Sea Breeze

It feels like we have had our summer season already. With six weeks of the heat wave, it’s now official that it is as hot as it was in 76. The beach has been rammed and is becoming hard to find a clear spot all the water too. The sea temperature at West Wittering is around 22° so is perfect for wearing boardshorts and a rash vest.

Normally we only get a few days a year of 25°+ temperatures, but it seems we have an endless summer. At least the sea breezes has started.

Rich Dale, James and Matt Beake, Pete Hart, Sandy Clunas, Ian Naylor, Carl Teece, Andy Neal, Justin Exel, David Pullan, David Mason, John Hall, Stu Mahoney and George Bellenger enjoyed a perfect session inside one of 2XS® West Wittering lagoons.

Photo credit: SimonB

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