TESTED : :RRD Airwindsurf Freeride & Compact Freeride Rig

Nick Coleman has just been on a 2 week trip on a yacht to the Caribbean where he took the the new RRD Inflatable windsurf board and RRD collapsable windsurf rig. Nick is a passionate windsurfer who spends most of his time on regular lightweight windsurf kit, so he is used to the feeling of epoxy carbon boards and carbon masts/boom combinations. The inflatable board and foldaway rig is a new way of going windsurfing when normal kit is not a option, and flying or transporting of large items is a problem or a huge cost.

*RRD windsurf ISUP and foldable windsurf rig are part of regular luggage size so don’t incur special windsurf kit oversize rates.

“I bought this kit to do a two week sailing trip from Grenada up to St Vincent.  Virgin no longer take windsurfing kit and BA are no better, so this was the only option if i wanted to windsurf. I also needed to take a small plane at the end of the trip between St Vincent and Barbados to grab the Virgin flight home, a plane that can’t/won’t take windsurfing kit. The RRD planed in 16 knots, feels more flexible than a rigid board and the rig is heavier than a standard rig but I windsurfed 7 out of ten days –and was  planing in 20 knots of wind, small waves and even had some decent jumps!  The RRD is super rigid when fully inflated, non slip is good, fin box is solid – the boom and mast fit well together although you have to watch the sand in the connectors. The bags were good and protected the kit well and made it easy to carry and store on the boat.”

Check out more info about the:

RRD Compact Wave HD Rig Pack

RRD Compact Freeride Rig Pack

RRD Airwindsurf Freeride Board

Grenadines Video - Tobago Cays - RRD Airwindsurf Freeride
Grenadines Video - Union Island - RRD Airwindsurf Freeride

One thought on “TESTED : :RRD Airwindsurf Freeride & Compact Freeride Rig

  1. Hallo, I recently bought a rrd inflatable board which I tried this summer while sailing in south Sardinia.
    Can I ask which is a suggested sail size for 15/20knots Wind to make this board planning (average person weight of 78kg).
    I used a very old rig (dated 1992 !) so I need to buy something more up to date and which fits with this type of board.
    Thanks, Luigi

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