RRD Wave Cult V6 testing at the beach

The weather gods are certainly favouring The Witterings at the moment and we have had back to back classic windsports conditions for weeks now. So it seems right that we are putting RRD’s newest board through its paces; the RRD Wave Cult Ltd V6.

We have just tried the new RRD Wave Cult Ltd V6 90litre board – Whitey dropped the first board in the UK at the beach (West Wittering) for myself (80kgs) Rossco (70kgs) and Jake (73kgs) to try.

Picking up the board you definitely feel it is back on the light side of things – the new graphics look sharp and the board comes set up with a tri fin slot box fin set.

I first used it with an Ezzy 4.1m Taka 2 – and then a 5m Taka 2 when the wind dropped. I suppose if you have used the old Cult then this one feels quite different – with the new style chopped nose design , you use the rail more of the board to give you the drive rather than the width giving you the lift as in regular shaped boards.

The feel on the water was really good – great jumping, easy to tack and really cranks upwind. What was really surprising was how loose the board was when you came to wave riding; it felt superfast and glued to the water surface even in heavy chop.

The Cult seemed to work with both size sails (4.1 and 5.0) without any issues – there is a five fin box set up although we only tried it in the tri fin set up;  I think if you used it in quad fin mode the board would be even more directional and would pick up on the plane even quicker.

The new Cult model comes in a range of different volumes and sizes (74litres – 224 x 56; 82 litres – 225 x 58; 90 litres – 226 x 60 & 104 litres – 227 x 63) we have a 90 litre model arriving shortly on the beach for demo and new boards arriving into stock within the next three weeks.

Here is the product page : http://2xs.co.uk/product/rrd-wave-cult-ltd-v6/

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