Team 2XS @ Tenerife PWA

James Arnell-Smith and Jack Pettit are out in Tenerife at the moment at the Professional World Tour in El Medano.
They both had a crack at this high level international windsurfing event in the Youth Trials.
The PWA is the pinnacle of the windsurfing world tour so to get a chance even at the Trials is a big deal.

Both Jack and James got a 9th= place we haven’t got all the details yet on the competition but they are up against young guys who are pulling off and landing pretty much all the big manovers.

They are hanging around with all the big stars – Thomas Traversa the winner of the Red Bull Storm Chase – DVD in stock now @ 2XS

Waiting to hear from Grahame and family – as soon as they are off the water we will get the full info and update this blog.

Check out the PWA website for video’s of the event

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