Tarifa Trip with Keith Taboul, Lalo and Francisco Goya, Jason Diffen and Paio from MFC.

We have just returned from Tarifa, Spain where we have been checking out the new toys for 2018 and boy do they look good! We got the full intel with Keith Taboul, Lalo and Francisco Goya, Jason Diffen and Paio from MFC.

I have a stack of pics of the new boards in detail – with all the new specs – I cannot send pics out or put them on the website yet – but I can show you them down at the beach, or I can tell you about them over the phone.

Keith and Francisco explained the work on the new boards –the new rocker line with a 3 stage rocker, narrower outlines, faster, new pivot point and looser feel. Channels, wingers, more vee, new fins (much tougher) and reduced weights. Fully re-designed Goya Quad range, new Goya Thruster, new Goya One, new Proton slalom board and new sizes in plenty of the models. The Quatro line up has a new Cube, Super Mini with minor tweaks, a new channel bottom Pyramid wave, new Power freestyle wave and a new Mono single fin.

The new Goya Sails line up looks pretty rad – new colour range with a lighter feel, bigger wind range, shorter mast options and lots of new tweaks using new materials in the Banzai and Fringe – Jason gave us the full story.

MFC have launched a new range of fins – new G10 models, new single fin lines – a new range for thrusters and surfboard fins – we also saw the new MFC foil – MFC have been making foils and fins with Kai Lenny and a few surfboard fins for Kelly Slater recently – they have a new FCS centre fin for more power (thicker cord). There is a new KT surfboard line and new SUPS (Carve and Nano) heading our way. Plus new board bags and plenty of new accessories.

We will be having a launch down at the beach and new demos will arrive towards end of July to mid August.

Please give me a call if want the heads up on the new kit – we might even get some wind sometime soon…


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