Wingfoiling @ West Wittering

Had a perfect wingfoiling session off the front of the 2XS Club at West Wittering beach this week with Neal and Jess Gent – windspeed was between 12-18 knots.

Jess and Neal were out testing their new Ozone Wasp V2 5m wings and it was a perfect session of flat water and small wind swell.  I was out on the new Axis 1050 foil set up, Fanatic 5’8 Skywing and Slingshot 5’4 Slingwing.

4 thoughts on “Wingfoiling @ West Wittering

  1. Hi guys, I’m an intermediate windsurfer, but have fallen out of love with it a bit the last couple of years – too many sails, to many board choices – too few days with enough power! I’m intrigued by wing surfing. Is this something that a windsurfer would take to easily and what do you offer? Thanks legends. Andrew

    • Hey Andrew thanks for the message – we offer winging tuition – try the WingTRO lesson first a 2 hour course to teach you how to use the wing and then once you have done this you can take a private session to then get up onto the board and foil. Come and give it a go!

    • Hey Charlie – the WingTRO which is the beginner 2 hour session is £82 – all course dates are on the 2xs site. Thanks Jane

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