Goya Custom Quad 2016 Review

The Goya Custom Quad available now on test at  2XS West Wittering.  The new boards look very different from the previous model the outline for a start is different with more of a drawn out rail that has less curve and the overall shorter length making it look more compact.  The foostrap position you notice is closer to the tail and according to Keith Taboul the back strap should be positioned 7inches from the tail.  The boards come with new graphics and a new set of MFC quad fins. The boards are also coming out lighter than the previous years Goya quad models.

A lot of people ask “if a board designed in Maui can be any good for the UK conditions” well the Goya Custom Quad is a cracking board in onshore conditions it still has plenty of board speed, acceleration and upwind preference.  To me who really likes the speed of a single fin board it feels like the Goya Team have redefined their Quads with lots of speed and retained all the looseness for waveriding.

In side and onshore conditions this board absolutely rips the speed into turns and the ability to ride and on a face of a wave is pretty epic – there aren’t many downsides.  Jumping also is very good with the shorter length making everything feel very balanced in the air and compact, the extra speed and acceleration on take off – the riders ability is the only limiting factor here!

There are plenty of sizes to suit your weight (68,74,80,86,96,106 and 116 ltrs) and sail sizes the good thing about Quads in general is that you don’t get fishtailed out of the water when you get hit by a strong gust but  this just turns into extra speed.  I think the Goya Custom Quad is a real world wave board and what I mean by this is the board works in chop and small mushy south coast waves,  you could take it to Cornwall or Tiree, it works well in Hookipa – and even works in flat water. The design Team behind the board is –  Shaper:  Keith Taboul, Francisco Goya, Lalo Goya and Team Riders including 2015 PWA World Champion Marcillo Brown have delivered the goods – but don’t just take our word why not come and test one yourself!

If you have a previous Goya Quad model one thing I feel you will instantly notice is the improved board speed and acceleration, improved jumping , better rig and rider support and when the wind drops a looser feel on the wave.  You also feel initially when you use the boards that the back strap feels too far back but literally for a couple of runs, once you get used to it –you will really get the new Goya design!

Review by Simon Bassett weight 80 kg- Goya quads used 80,86 

Check out the full board spec here >>

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