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At West Wittering Beach we have a dedicated windsurf,  kitesurf and SUP Club. We have been established since 1991 and we work closely with the private beach landowners, West Wittering Estate.

The Club is based on a culture of good safety practice  – we have a set of  Club Rules for the safety of members and beach users.  We are lucky enough to have great facilities including a purpose-built building  – showers and changing rooms; a jet ski rescue service and a School and Test Centre packed with the latest 2016 equipment.

Lots of people come to the Club from all over the UK so there is a good social scene down here – rarely does a day go by when you’re the only one out on the water.  We have a web cam and you can call us up for the latest forecast if you’re not sure about which sail size or you want a surf report.

We have a jet ski rescue service which is available between March and the end of October, and there are  beach lifeguards during the sun bathing season on duty who cover the West Wittering beach.

You can join the Club as a single or family member;  we also offer a hire package membership, so if you don’t own any equipment you can use ours – we have kites from 5m to 13m;  windsurfing sails from 3.4m to 7.5m and all the latest boards, surfboards and SUPs to go with that.

We have 2016 RRD Religions and Obsession kites; a range of JP Custom kite surfboards; Fanatic and RRD SUPs, RRD, Goya, Quatro windsurfing boards and Ezzy sails, 100% carbon masts, Chinook booms, Dakine Harnesses and O’Neill 5/4 wetsuits. For kids we have sails from Hotsails Maui from 0.8m up 3.2m.

There is a car parking charge on the beach in winter its between £2 to £4 per day and in summer its £8.50 per day but you can buy a season ticket from West Wittering Estate which costs £105 per year.

On the beach we have a dedicated launching and landing area for windsurfing and kitesurfing , the idea is that we use this area to launch and land kites and windsurfers and the basic concept is to keep clear of swimmers  and other beach users.  We have a set of Clubs Rules and recommendations on how to do this.

The sand bars change every season so we have a flexible approach to windsurfing and kiting in these areas.  West Wittering  is quite an unusual place as we get waves at high tide and flat water in the lagoons at low tide.

We get lots of good riders that come down to West Wittering who make use of the conditions that suit them high tide, mid tide or low –we also have lots of intermediates and beginners. If you are unsure we can help advise you and help you understand how to plan tides and wind or swell directions to suit your ability.  The Club is open to everyone – from families to 70 years olds and those for the first time out in the water.

A Club member can bring friends and guests down to the Club we have day tickets option max 4 per season for windsurfing or sup –we don’t offer kitesurfing day tickets purely from a safety point of view.  (The reason we don’t do this for kiting -is the amount of people on the beach and if  that person were to have a accident it will create many issues for the Club at the beach )  The current kitesurf members sign up to our safety package of rules and are more committed to the safety set up here and we also have more time to work with them from the safety point of view .  We work hard to keep it safe for all beach users.

The Club is privately run by 2XS® there are no blazers or committees – its all about the ocean and enjoying it and having a good time. 


To qualify for a  local membership you must reside with a postcode of either PO20 7XX, PO20 8XX or PO20 9XX.


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