Epic Windsurfing at West Wittering

July has brought us plenty of wind, but 2023 has been short on South Westerly winds. However, the weekend of July 20th was an epic time for windsurfing at 2XS West Wittering. The trench is a natural sandbar that shifts each season, but currently, it works perfectly with South Westerly and West South West wind directions at low neap tides (approximately 2 hours on either side of low tide).

This setup provides super flat water and perfect clear wind, making it ideal for blasting, freestyle, and simply charging around inside “The Trench.” It’s great to see so many windsurfers, some on freestyle boards and others on speed boards, having a good time. The top speed recorded was just over 34 knots, achieved by Alex on the green speed board and gun sail, while Dave managed to cover a distance of 24 kilometers inside the trench using his RRD and Ezzy sails combo.

Additionally, a new lagoon forms around 2 hours after high tide directly in front of the 2XS club. This lagoon is super flat and shallow on the inside, and it was pretty amazing over the weekend.

Windsurfing at high tide in West Wittering has always been good due to the sandbars that move every season. This shifting creates different spots where waves break, and depending on the swell and direction, there are great spots that fire up. The weekend was one of those memorable times that remind you why some of us moved here for windsurfing and how great windsurfing is on the UK’s South Coast.

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