Holiday Destination: Vasiliki, Greece

During August we had a epic trip with the whole Bassett family to Vassaliki. Jane and I actually worked there in 1984  and it is still the same old great place. The windsurfing gear has got a lot better and so has the food, but the same great atmosphere is the same. I had forgotten what a great place the Greek islands are for a family holiday, with biking or SUPing in the morning, and windsurfing every afternoon. We also went windsurfing and SUPing with the team from Club Vass.

We stayed in one of Stellios rental apartments (Stellios from Cosmos/ Neilson) (who I taught to windsurf back in the day). I also bumped into loads of people we knew: Jono and family (ex Snow and Rock), Tez and family (Stand Up Paddle Magazine), and Ian (Boardwise) and then just left as Dave White arrived on the island.

Thanks very much to the Club Vass crew (Tony, Roger, Ollie, Hamish, Marco, Max, Jamie) for looking after us all and for getting Daisy into Club Vass Pro kids.

For anyone who fancies a trip there it is definiately worth visiting their special offer page >> 



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