Wave Freestyle Camp with Sam Ross

BOOK NOW! The course dates are 8-9th October 2016. 

The  2XS® Advanced Rippers Wave Freestyle Camp at West Wittering has been one of our long term projects to develop a full pathway with our 2XS kids program.

We work closely with expert windsurfing coach Sam Ross, who has developed the advanced rippers group from just planning to taking to the next level in freestyle and wave competition. Sam runs the course and has a unique insight into coaching windsurfing.

The Advanced Rippers course includes everything from fitness, competition preparation, advanced freestyle and wave moves, video analysis, competition heats, kit tuning, SUP wave and water safety knowledge.

Sam this winter added more dates to the 2XS diary where each member of the 2XS Elite Squad had their own work folder and a facebook group that was set up for them to share pics and video clips with each other and to be mentored by Sam.  It is not just about competing but improving and pushing your own level.

You need to bring all your own sails, wetsuits, warm jacket, beanie, running shoes, shorts, food/snacks and a towel –we provide any extra sups or light windgear – if you don’t any windsurf kit you can hire it at a 50 % off our usual prices .

Cost for the two days is £120 each please call 01243 513077 or book on line to reserve your space .

*Ideally you need to be planning in footstraps , water starting and ready to get out in high tide.

We had plenty of success with our 2XS® (X-train) Rippers advanced clinics  with Alex Mckirgan, Holly Bassett, Lucas Meldrum, Jack Petit, James Arnell-Smith, The Piddens Bros, Jamie Howard and plenty of others…

Call 01243 513077 to book a place on the course

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