October Sessions // Windsurf Kitesurf & Sup @ West Wittering

Finding all the right spots and when they work is the key to having fun on the water it’s a matter of time, understanding how the combinations of tide, wind and swell direction work.

Over 3 days we had Easterly strong winds, spring tides and loads of current. James Arnell Smith and Holly Bassett took the sketchy take offs between the groynes for decent SUP ,James the following day windsurfed the same spot and was ripping.

Low tide it became a very decent kite session flat water between the sand bars , and David Williams was getting some decent air whilst keeping his hair dry. Steve was enjoying the flat-water and Alex and David Sanders enjoying a family kite session.

The following day the surf picked up at high tide small sets were held up with strong Northerly offshore winds myself and Holly had a decent burn up. It was another great weekend at West Wittering.

Pics –Simon Bassett –George Bellenger

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