Windy Sessions at West Wittering – August 2014


It has been a long time since the wind has blown – but since last week the wind has returned and the love for the ocean is now back on!
Got some pics – it looked like so many people have been out – Kyle, Neal, Emile, Hatton, Rossco, Jake, Gert, Chris Hayes, Sam Hall, Dickmeister, James A-S, Paul Simmons, Martin Edmead, Richard Elliott, Stuie, Sam Fishbourne, Team Peters, Nick & James, Family Pidden and Adam.
Seen loads of kiters have been out, unfortunately didnt get any photos at low tide including Stacey, Levon, Adam, Alex, Jackie, Mike Stewart, Blacky, Chris McLarnon, Jonny Boys, Kev Crilly and the gang.
Sorry if I missed you out will get some pics at low tide next session.
Thanks to everyone who has cooperated with the summer kitesurfing rules…





































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