Goya & Quatro 2020 Windsurf Kit Preview

Goya, Quatro and MFC launched their 2020 season range of windsurfing gear, sails, foils, surfboards and SUPs in Tarifa Spain in mid May 2019.

The Maui based firm who now have their European distribution on the outskirts of Tarifa brought the Design and Test Team and dealers for a full on test week to try the latest gear.

The Team were there in full force – Francisco and Lalo Goya, Kieth Taboul, Jason Diffen, Pio Marasco from MFC, Levi Siver and Marcilo Brown and freestyler Antoine Albert.

I was lucky enough to test ride nearly all the new boards and sails over 3 days in Tarifa and 2 epic sessions at Canos de Meca (Cape Trafalgar) – got some amazing tips from the Goya Team on rig setting, board and footstrap settings, harness tech all stuff I hadn’t heard about before!

As always there is such a positive vibe from the Goya, Quatro crew, their hospitality is mighty fine and I went there feeling good about windsurfing but came back so god damn excited about getting some new gear …


 Goya Custom 3 Pro –Surfwave Thruster – tried this model from 75, 81 and 86 and it feels lighter, turns on wave and normal carving with much more ease (feels looser than the previous Goya Thruster). The new Custom 3 Pro felt great in waves and handled the heavy Tarifa chop . Jumping felt very good, seems like the “go to” board for all on shore and side shore conditions. KT has tuned up the board with a new outline, fin position and strap position. Sizes from 75, 81, 86, 91, 98 and 106 cost will be £2049.00 each.

Goya Custom 4 –Surfwave Quad – this line has had lots of dimensions, rocker, deck and fin position changes –it seems like there is a return to the boards in feel to 2017 in their size versus volume. Certain models have had increased widths –flatter decks – hull shape tune up – strap positions and this wave board is super loose on waves. If you take the 89 as an example the width is now 58.4 by 225.8 in length. (2108 Goya quad measurements 224×56.3, 89 ltrs) Brazinwo reckons he rides this board down to 4.2m and mostly uses this board and a 94 .

Sizes 60, 68, 74, 79,84, 89, 94, 104 and 114 @ £2099. AgainI used the sizes 89, 84 and 79.

Goya One 3 –Freewave Thruster – this is Goya’s answer to a performance freestyle wave board – I nearly didn’t try this – but got a ride on it, day one at Canos –have to say felt like a close relative to the Goya Custom 3 and it was amazing jumping wave riding, stable and superfast . If you are after a board that’s not a full on wave board but does what most wave boards do this has your name on it .

I tried the 86 and 95 in tri fin settings but I was told this works very wells in single fin mode . Sizes 85,95,105 and 115 @ £2049.

Quatro Cube –Powerwave QuadI have always liked the Quatro 2018 Cube which works well in onshore conditions in the UK -the new Cube, however, feels even better – we had some epic waves at Canos, even got washed over the rocks trying it . Have to say felt stable, planed quickly and was super loose on a wave -looks like rails are more profiled , new hull shape and smoking hot paint job . I tried the 82 and 87 in this -sizes 75,82,87,93,98 and 106 @ £2099.

There were plenty of other boards in the Goya, Quatro line up – which included the SUP line unchanged the new KT surfboards , KT foil surfboards, KT own signature windsurf board the Pyramid Pro, the new Quatro Power Freewave Thruster –new slalom models the Proton and user friendly version Bolt .

Goya Sails 2020

Again on this test week I had the chance to ride all 4 versions of GOYA’s 2020 wave sails – the Goya Guru,  Banzaii Pro and Banzaii X Pro version and the three batton  Fringe Pro .

When you set out in overpowered, gusty winds you get a very good idea about stability and performance of each sail –how they pull and where the pull is. What surprised me the most was the the soft feel of all the sails and yet so stable.   My favourite was the Banzaii Pro only just over the others I think the new way Levi showed me how to rig these with less downhaul felt really good.

MFC Foils

Lots of activity here didn’t get chance to try these but he new KT surfoil board and MFC foil looked amazing a lot more to come on this.

Thanks to Francisco and Lalo, the Goya Team, Ben for helping me off the rocks and Rick from Zerogravity.

3 thoughts on “Goya & Quatro 2020 Windsurf Kit Preview

  1. Hi,
    Have you got some hours on the new Goyas 2020 yet? I wonder upgrading from my Goya 2019 quads (84 & 94 l) to y2020 goya quads. But not sure if its really needed. What’s your opinion about the new quads. I saw you compared it to the 2016 models in Tarifa. But there is not much test reports out yet. I really like the 2019 models. But if there is some extra magic in the new ones I will switch😀

    • Paul thanks for the message – I think between the 2019 and 2020 boards the 2020 board is flatter in its deck profile and has a new reshaped hull and rails – the board is different and to me it feels much faster so getting out through white water and waves it really accelerates through the chop – there is more vee in the nose and it handles rougher water in a better way. What you do notice about the new shape is when you come in to wave ride its really fast to engage the bottom turn and very stable and again the new shape chews through chop and then when you top turn the board just flys, its very loose! I think there is a big chance between the 2019 and 2020 boards – I have an 89 here if you want to come down and take it for a test ride. cheers Simon

      • Thanks for your reply Simon. I have ordered 2 new Goya quads. The 84L and 94L 2020 quads. Also the new Banzai sails. Due to your feedback I made up my mind that the new releases is even better than the 18/19 models (how do the do it:-)).
        I live in Norway so I had to order it from GoyaNorge., if not I would have ordered it from you. Wish you a windy autumn. Maybe we meet at a beach somewhere. All the best. Paul

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