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Duotone Foil Set Complete SLS – Aero Glide SLS

Duotone Foil Set Complete SLS – Aero Glide SLS


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Duotone Foil Set Complete SLS – Aero Glide SLS

Mast 90 | Fuselage 66 | Frontwing 905 | Backwing 180


The Aero Glide range is complementing the Duotone portfolio with highly efficient high aspect designs, offering endless glide, downwind performance and pumping abilities, crossed with a lively and fun manoeuvrability you wouldn’t expect from wings with such span.

  • Incredibly accessible glide performance
  • Fast & agile in smaller sizes, lifty and emphasis on Pump & Downwind in larger sizes
  • Low drag and slippery
  • Good and direct turning response for wings of such span
  • New 1595 with focus on easiest possible entry into Downwind Foiling (AR 10.6)
  • New 2145 with focus on easiest possible dock starts and pumping efficiency (special profile and outline)


  • Carbon mast for multiple Foiling disciplines
  • Incredibly stiff and direct even with wings of high span
  • High flex response
  • Great weight to strength ratio


  • Reduced drag, due to the smaller cross section and a trim which adds playfulness without compromising ease of use
  • Stiff and direct steering through pocket connection
  • 76 fuselage with two different mounting options for the stabilizer to adapt it to the riders progression

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82 / 66 / 1100 / 200, 82 / 66 / 1430 / 200


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