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Fanatic ProWave Ltd

Fanatic ProWave Ltd


Fanatic’s new Prowave, the high performance surf SUP board in the line up – this is the “go to” board for 2XS’ own Holly Bassett who is  riding the 7’5 here at West Wittering.

The board feels superlight, and has a surfboard built in flex feel about it – it comes complete with a 5 fin box (futures style) – handle and has a glass core stringer, a bamboo reinforced deck, EPS core and a refined channel bottom.

This board is really designed to rip on a wave;  and comes in 7’0, 7’5, 7’10, 8’3 and 8’8 sizes.

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The ProWave is our high-performance Surf SUP and glances with speed and instant response. The ProWave shapes offer true short board performance thanks to their instant responsiveness and fast drive. Whether you’re carving powerful turns on a clean wall or slashing in the pocket and busting airs on a beach break!

The refined scoop rocker line boosts acceleration and speed, while the thin rails, nose and the new quad-V-channel tail ensure ultimate control and grip for deep carves and tight hacks. Light, strong custom surf tech construction gives the right amount of flex; the ProWave comes with 5 boxes to adapt to your style and the conditions.

Key Features


Maximum carving delivered via pulled down thin rails


Channels in tail add extra hold and drive


Maximum stability delivered via slightly domed deck blending into thin rails


Five multi boxes for Quad/Thruster fin setup option


Nose outline and squash tail provide Shortboard performance


Speed and drive enhanced via single concave entry that transitions into a double concave through the mid-section and into a quad V tail channel


Fast surf scoop rocker line


Hard release edges in the tail for direct acceleration and light feel, with softer rails in the nose for smooth surfing


ProWave LTD 7'0ProWave LTD 7'5ProWave LTD 7'10ProWave LTD 8'3ProWave LTD 8'8
Fittings5 x Multi Box
3 x ProWave 4.75"
5 x Multi Box
3 x ProWave 4.75"
5 x Multi Box
3 x ProWave 4.75"
5 x Multi Box
3 x ProWave 4.75"
5 x Multi Box
3 x ProWave 4.75"
Recommended User Weight40-70kg50-80kg55-85kg65-85kg75-90kg
Mastfoot InsertNoNoNoNoNo

Additional information


7'0, 7'5, 7'10, 8'3, 8'8


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