2XS ®Demo and The King of the trench

2018 will go down as the endless summer at West Wittering Beach - last weekend was perfect sunny weather and no wind for our 2XS® demo and UKWA -The King of the trench freestyle event. But we made the most of it and had a epic display of jet ski assisted freestyle with Max Rowe, [...]

Sam Ross 2XS®Rippers 

Sam ran our advanced rippers course last weekend where 14 recruits braved the wet, windy, and wavy conditions over 2 days at 2XS West Wittering. Sandy Clunas joined Sam to assist with the coaching and they all spent over 9 hours in wetsuits during the course. They went through lots of technique to help develop [...]

TESTED // 2019 Fanatic AllWave

Fanatic AllWave 2019 The AllWave has been in the Fanatic sup line up for a while - the wide style wave sup has been really popular and works well as a first time sup, a windsup, and as a wave sup you can paddle happily on flat water. The key to its success has been [...]

RRD 2019 // Year 24 // Talamone Italy

We have dealt with RRD since they started selling just two models of windsurf boards which must be over 20 years ago now so we were looking forward to heading out to Talamone, Italy to see the new products, testing the gear and talking to the riders and designer’s at RRD’s Y24 product launch. On [...]

2018 Demo Kit Sale

As from September we will be pricing up our 2018 demo gear. Once the list has been published you can put down a 50% deposit and then collect/pay the final balance of the items from 2XS® in last week of October. *Most of the gear was purchased March 18 some of the high wind windsurf [...]

Dream Day

The south westerly winds have been in real short supply on the south coast this summer. In fact since March there have only been 4 days that were ok. But then on Saturday 28thJuly the wind gods delivered some of the best conditions of the season! West Wittering beach was at last packed with windsurfers [...]

Windsurf Foiling

I think windsurf foiling is possibly the biggest thing to happen in windsurfing for a long time. It's not new technology because it's been in kitesurf foilng for some time and there is a huge development of foils within the Americas cup and sailing. The big deal is the fact that you can plane in [...]